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Welcome to the JMC Psychotherapy website. I am a fully trained and qualified psychotherapist and on my website I deal with numerous aspects of life for which people require therapy. Here are some of the more popular issues for which my clients come to me for help and guidance:

Dream InterpretationDream Interpretation

Knowing what our dreams mean helps us.  Dreams are part of our being beyond consciousness; dreams offer messages and insights about ourselves of which we may be unaware. They offer healing and guide us. Knowing what our dreams mean is the key to dissolving blocks. See Dream interpretation to read more and hear my Q & A radio session on Bolton FM.



Psychotherapy is a powerful life changing process which addresses wide ranging issues and their root causes. This brings permanent healing. What happens in a session? You won’t have to lie down or stare at the ceiling. There will be dialogue leading to an understanding of our internal chatterbox - how it’s helping us and how it may be holding us back.

A free initial half hour session establishes whether therapy with me will help. See Psychotherapy.


Josephine Cropper is the founder of JMC Psychotherapy.

Josephine Cropper is the founder of JMC Psychotherapy. She has a down to earth approach which is tailor made to each client's specific needs, drawing on a wide range of theories. She believes in speaking plain English!


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We all want healthy relationships. Discovering our real self and healing our inner child are both vital. Often it’s the simplest thing such as saying “no” that can be most difficult and the ability to do this can have the biggest impact. Feeling we are free from looking after everyone can have a positive impact on our energy levels.  An unhealthy relationship can be detrimental to physical and mental wellbeing. See Relationships. See also Trust & Relationships Articles

Law of AttractionLaw of Attraction

What we think about most is what we will receive. Why are you not getting what you want? What is missing? Find out how to use the law of attraction to improve life, using a unique combination of concepts in a down to earth way. This approach will enable you to overcome your personal blocks. See Law of Attraction

Reiki HealingHealing

Healing takes place fully clothed. It does not require a belief system to enable it to work. It promotes mental and physical wellbeing. Regular sessions help develop a healthier, more resourceful state of deep relaxation, promoting a peaceful sense of wellbeing on all levels. See Healing.


One in three people suffers from depression; it can cover a whole range of symptoms and can be debilitating. However there are steps you can take to help yourself in conjunction with psychotherapy. See Depression.

Stress Stress

Stress is unavoidable. Knowing how to reduce stress is beneficial for our physical and mental wellbeing. See Stress. See also Stress Article

Self EsteemSelf Esteem

Understanding why high self esteem is important improves life. See Self esteem. See also Psychological Games & Assertiveness Articles

Anger ManagementAnger Management

Anger is a natural human emotion, but the problem arises when anger becomes out of control. We need to deal with anger in a healthy way. See Anger management.


Physical and emotional abuse leaves deep wounds which scar. Healing these wounds will improve relationships and bring a better quality of life. See Abuse

Emotional Eating Emotional Eating

Emotional eating issues range from diets not working to binge eating. We need to understand the emotional issues behind eating. An eating disorder can range from simply overeating to compulsive eating. See Emotional Eating.


When spending is out of control, life feels out of control. Know the reasons behind overspending and how to address those issues. See Overspending.


National & international Psychotherapy Client Base

I have developed a client base from Belfast to London and also have clients overseas, please see details on the Profile Page.

Telephone Consultations

I am frequently contacted by visitors to my website who feel that they need a consultation but live some distance from my office in Bolton, Greater Manchester. If you feel that you would benefit from a telephone conversation, please visit Psychotherapy Consultations – Online Payment page to see how it works.


Psychotherapist - Helping People to Deal With Life Issues Such as Abuse, Anger Management, Compulsive Overspending, Depression, Dreams Interpretation & Meaning, Overeating, Relationships, Self Esteem, Stress Causes, Factors and How Psychotherapy & Counselling Can Help.

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