How to Lose weight- the real issues

In January 23, 2015

Why oh why am I not losing weight?

 This is a peek into a few minutes of therapy between myself and someone called Sol.

Josephine: First of all it’s not about the food.

Sol: Sorry  – did you just say it’s not about the food? What is it about then?

Josephine: It’s about the emotional battle that is going on in your body and mind.

Sol: You mean when I look in the mirror and try and smile but really hate myself inside? How can you love something you hate? Just telling yourself to do that doesn’t work, does it? What do I need to be doing or saying, then?

Josephine: First of all let me ask where do you hold your feelings in your body?

Sol: I don’t know; in my head I suppose.


At this point some people might say “stomach”  “ heart”  “chest”, but for now we will focus on those cases where feelings are held in the head.


Josephine: This is not unusual; of course the ideal is that we are fully integrated with mind and body and that our feelings flow through as is the case with enlightened people such as the Dalai Lama. But few of us achieve such a near perfect state.


Feelings held in the head indicate we are cut off at the neck in some way from our feelings. Often I notice people gulping at this point. They are swallowing their feelings. This can indicate the type of therapy needed.


Josephine: I notice you are swallowing down when I ask you that. What feelings are you swallowing down at the moment?

Sol: It’s frustration with myself that I’m so stupid.

Josephine: Why are you labelling yourself stupid?

Sol: Because I haven’t time for feelings. I need to just get on and fit things in when I can.

Josephine: Is that what you do to yourself, just fit in time for you when you have a minute? If you were to give yourself permission to sit down and, let’s say, enjoy your meal, telling yourself you were a valuable worthwhile person, how would that be for you?

Sol: It would a lot better than where I’m at the moment.


At this point I may have noticed clenching of the teeth; it’s amazing how we often simply don’t open our mouths enough when we have feelings locked in our body.

We may look at various exercises around self expression, helping someone to hear herself and giving herself a voice. I often find people not only haven’t been seen but they haven’t been heard. It’s about the conscious unlocking of this that starts the healing.

If any of this rings true for you please don’t hesitate to call me and arrange FREE half hour session.



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