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If you’re experiencing trauma, stress or feeling overwhelmed in any way and finding life difficult, contact Josephine today for a free initial half hour session.

Josephine Cropper is a fully qualified and registered UKCP psychotherapist with many years’ experience helping people breakthrough the mental suffering and blocks that hold so many of us back.

Whether it’s from stress, abuse, problems with managing anger, difficulty with relationships, binge eating, depression or self-esteem, Josephine will help you break through and get your life back again.

Call her today on 01204 696395 for your free initial appointment to help you get back on track

Abuse & Trauma

Abuse affects all levels of society. It can be both physical - for example, punches, broken bones, bruises - and emotional. Sadly sexual abuse is also prevalent. All physical violence is abuse. You may be cut, stabbed or burned with a cigarette. The results of physical abuse are often apparent (although they can be hidden), but emotional and sexual abuse cannot be seen.


Anger Management

At times everyone feels anger, which is often a result of the stresses of life. For some people the problem becomes serious and interferes with everyday life. Anger isn't a problem within itself but it becomes a problem when it is too intense, occurs too often, spoils relationships or leads to violence and aggression.



A healthy relationship exists where two people respect and are kind to each other, and are comfortable functioning independently as well as in a partnership. Problems occur when the respect is eroded, there is pressure in the relationship and the kindness disappears.


What our clients are saying…

``I can say from personal experience that Josephine is caring, compassionate and very skilled in her work. She has the ability to identify problems and guide/facilitate powerful life changing self healing in all aspects of the self. My experience with Josephine has been most liberating and empowering and I would encourage anyone seeking to resolve any personal issues to speak with her.``

Mark W Foster - www.markwfoster.com

``If you’re thinking of trying Josephine’s services but like me you’re sceptical, not sure, or simply curious, I urge you to try what she has to offer, after all your first half hour is free and I can personally say if she can do this for me with all I had going on in my head she can do it for you too and also I can personally say Josephine is brilliant, wonderful, fantastic and I personally can’t thank her enough, the calm I now feel is worth its weight in gold. Thank you Josephine xxxx. With Greatest Admiration``

Self Esteem

Self esteem is the degree to which you value yourself. It can also be described as faith in yourself, pride, and self assurance. You may find that you often tell yourself that you are disappointed in yourself and that you fail more than the average person. You may be highly critical of your weaknesses or mistakes. Your level of self esteem might vary according to where you are and who you are with.

image of therapist helping people with depression, anger and trauma climb their way out


If we are to achieve, stress is sometimes unavoidable. It is important that we are able to deal with it. It is possible to eliminate stress by removing yourself from the cause but in some situations- stress at work, moving house or divorce, for example- this is impractical. It is better to change the way in which you deal with the situation.


Binge Eating

It is eating for a reason other than responding to hunger. We need to look at these reasons. Eating can be imbued with a great deal of emotion. To understand emotional eating we need to explore and address the issues behind the eating. It is rarely about dieting.



It is more than feeling temporarily “fed up”, and it becomes a problem when the symptoms persist or intensify. Depression ranges from mild to severe. It may be a feeling that something is not right; perhaps you’ve lost your spark for apparently no good reason. At its most serious, depression is debilitating- but it can be addressed.


Compulsive Overspending

This is not the occasional splurge when you fancy treating yourself and you’ll need to pay for it with next month’s money. It is where spending is habitual. You may not do it for some time, but then the problem returns and the situation may spiral out of control. The emotional reasons behind the spending need to be addressed.



Healing is an ancient art and operates on a physical level and a spiritual level within the soul. Pure Source Healing is a natural form of healing which uses everyday language - no funny language or codes. It’s not about making the other person do or see something - rather it’s a very gentle yet powerful form of healing.


Law of Attraction

law of attraction image of peopleThe phrase “law of attraction”, widely used by New Thought writers, refers to the idea that thoughts influence what we bring into our lives. It is also sometimes called creative visualisation, the secret, cosmic ordering or manifestation. The law of attraction is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. Read more…

Interpretation of Dreams

contentDream interpretation can help us become clearer about everyday life- what we want, and what might be blocking us. It can help our future become clearer. Dream analysis and interpretation are offered through group seminars or one to one consultation.

Read more…


Welcome to JMC Psychotherapy. I am a fully trained and qualified psychotherapist and in my practice I deal with numerous aspects of life for which people require therapy.I was born in Atherton, Lancashire. Growing up, I was interested in people and was reading law of attraction literature at 13 years of age. My passion for people never waned and I undertook voluntary work for many organisations. I am now an experienced psychotherapist with my own practice. I have assisted many entrepreneurs and business people through the process of change, concerning everyday or deeper personal issues.

I am very clear that psychotherapy is my vocation. Clients and colleagues say my passion shines through. I undertake my tasks and projects with enthusiasm and my highly developed sense of intuition has helped refine my insight into people.

JMC Psychotherapy specialises in trauma and related issues and covers the following geographical regions and towns:  Manchester, Bolton, Wigan, Preston, Leyland, Leigh, Chorley, Blackburn, Bury, Rochdale, Rossendale, Oldham, Blackpool, Southport, Liverpool, Salford, Worsley, Wilmslow, St Helens, Knutsford North West, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and West Yorkshire.