• How to Lose weight- the real issues

    In January 23, 2015
    Why oh why am I not losing weight?  This is a peek into a few minutes of therapy between myself and someone called Sol. Josephine: First of all it’s not about the food. Sol: Sorry  – did you just say it’s not about the food? What is it about...
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff!

    By Peter Cropper
    In January 2, 2015
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    Jim, by the urn in the staffroom, looked sad. “ Are you OK?”. “Not bad” he replied. “Just one or two trivial matters on my mind. Isn’t it surprising how they can get to you?” Are you familiar with the work of ill fitting glasses? A visit or a...
  • Perseverance

    By Peter Cropper
    In June 30, 2014
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    I was talking to a writing colleague recently “sometimes I feel inspired and write a lot, but on other occasions I find myself sitting there, pen in hand, staring into the middle distance and unable to write a word, “ he said. “It’s then that I think I’ll never...
  • Relationships

    By Josephine Cropper
    In April 30, 2014
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    What’s the secret behind forming, keeping and nurturing good relationships. It might be hard work-but this would hardly be a secret. Hard work is the key to success in most aspects of life. A lack of hard work can lead to complacency. You’re in a serious relationship Maybe you...
  • Stress

    By Josephine Cropper
    In October 29, 2013
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    What can provoke heart disease and its potentially fatal consequence? Smoking, poor diet, excessive drinking and a lack of exercise are obvious causes. To these physical issues we can add stress. “Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.” This is sound advice. We need to differentiate between...