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Debt addiction

By Josephine Cropper
In July 26, 2013
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Why and how do we get into debt “without noticing”? Online buying is without doubt a contributory factor.

Online buying is often a way of making us feel good but without the “pain” of handing over the money. Somehow it appears as unreal spending. People say it’s something they can do in an evening when the children are in bed. It’s “my time”, “my treat.” But it feels like a fantasy world because no money changes hands. You don’t actually part with anything; you just click a button on the computer. Perhaps you don’t even remember to write the amount you have spent in your bank records.

Actually, it’s not about the money

Spending can often be a way to prop up self esteem. “I’m a company director, so I must look good and have a brand new car.” Why are you less of a person if you have a battered old car?

We all have a shadow side as Carl Jung the noted psychotherapist said.

In reality the shadow side is no worse than the non shadow; it’s just where we have chosen not to look.

Remember when you were a child and afraid of what was in the dark cupboard – but when you looked you realised there was nothing there?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • So what is it you are avoiding?
  • What are you not looking at?
  • Are you trying to avoid the feeling of paucity by “pretending” you are wealthy?

Ask yourself what it is about you or areas of your life which you don’t really want to look at.

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