By Peter Cropper
In October 14, 2013
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Depression is no respecter of status or fame. You might be surprised at how it chooses its victims.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Sheryl Crow have battled depression. Depression curtailed cricketer Marcus Trescothick’s test career. Hull scrum half Brett Seymour’s car crash was an alleged suicide attempt promoted by depression.

I was depressed but there was no obvious reason for it. I was very happily married with a lovely home, a daughter who makes me very proud and a host of friends.

The mistake I made was returning to work too soon after a bout of flu. Mine was a post viral depression but there are other more obvious causes such as bereavement, divorce, broken relationships and redundancy.

Depression results from depressing feelings and emotions. Issues and worries need to be addressed, discussed and worked through before they become insurmountable and overwhelming. Suffering depression is akin to being in a tunnel and the light at the end has been switched off.

Psychotherapy with its approach of looking back at deep seated and long term problems and addressing the “whys” provides a proven way of overcoming depression before it becomes debilitating.

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