Don’t sweat the small stuff!

By Peter Cropper
In January 2, 2015
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Jim, by the urn in the staffroom, looked sad. “ Are you OK?”.

“Not bad” he replied. “Just one or two trivial matters on my mind. Isn’t it surprising how they can get to you?”

Are you familiar with the work of ill fitting glasses? A visit or a few visits- to the optician can solve the problem, but it’s a problem that could impinge on your whole life if it were allowed to do so.

But it’s only discomfort.

You’ve not contracted a life threatening disease. Your children are well. Your marriage is good. Your house isn’t about to be repossessed.

I’ve become rather (too) interested in the fortunes of PAFC. Is it an obsession? It might be- though I have heard that obsessed is a word that lazy people use to describe the dedicated.

This (football) team is underachieving to the point where its football league status has been in doubt in recent seasons.

Saturday evening’s have involved fretfully trawling the league 2 results and consulting the latest table. But if a team 300 miles away were to drop out would it change my life?

If you focus on what doesn’t really matter you will waste a lot of mental energy and probably miss out on focusing on the issues that do matter.

Acquire the skills of discriminating between the important and the trivial…. and don’t sweat the small stuff

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