JMC Psychotherapy, Bolton –
Dream Analysis, Interpretation & Meaning

Dream interpretation can help us become clearer about everyday life, what we want, and what
might be blocking us.
It can help manifest our future.

I can help with dream analysis and interpretation through group seminar or one to one consultation either face to face or online.

Why am I qualified to help you with your dreams?

I have a Masters Degree in psychotherapy and am a highly experienced and accredited psychotherapist (UKCP). I have worked for many years helping people to analyse and interpret their dreams and I have devised and led successful dream seminars, in addition to offering one to one dream interpretation. Detailed work on imagery and metaphor, which is connected with dream interpretation, formed an important part of my therapy training.

“A dream seminar sounds very interesting but it’s no use to me – I just don’t dream.”

In fact we all dream (even animals dream, you may be surprised to hear), but it may be that we don’t have the techniques and tools to remember dreams, or that we may have unconscious blocks on remembering them. I can help you to remember and interpret your dreams.

I think remembering and interpreting dreams is like learning to drive; there’s a lot to master at first and it all seems mechanical and rather complicated, but once you have the knowledge and have practised the techniques, then it becomes second nature.

You will discover how to remember your dreams, a system of recording them, the right questions to ask to unlock the meaning, what to do with recurring dreams, common themes, and why dream dictionaries don’t really work.

What others have said about the dream interpretation:

“I found the seminar very useful. In the past I have dismissed my dreams, I may not do so from now on.” TINA

“Encouraged us to explore without prejudice. Thank you.”  JULIE

“Josephine has a calm and reassuring manner.” JOANNE

“I was surprised what I learnt about myself from looking at my dreams.” PETER

How will dream interpretation help me? Why do I want to remember my dreams?

There are many benefits of dream analysis and interpretation. Dreams are gifts to us, in that they are the messages about issues we have not yet processed and dealt with. We may dream about being unprepared for exams, for instance, which, once we know our own dream symbols, we know would mean fear of failing and anxiety.
You will also learn how to build your own personal dream dictionary.

Dream symbols & dictionaries

We all have individual dream symbols, which is why dream dictionaries can’t possibly be accurate for all of us. Swimming for me means freedom, but for another person who hates swimming it might represent feeling trapped, or drowned out by everyone else.

It’s important we keep our own dream symbol book and over time you will know what a particular image means for you. I can teach you how to do this.

What are the questions to ask about my dream to help me interpret it?

There are many simple tools and techniques for remembering your dreams. Why would you want to take the time and trouble to do this? Ignoring a dream is like having an unopened letter, or not returning a phone call from a friend. You might ask various questions about the dream. Who am I in the dream? What are the various feelings? What are the actions? What is being healed? What am I avoiding? Why am I dreaming this now?

Dream analysis & interpretation – common themes

There are of course themes which often occur in dreams. If you feel yourself falling in a dream, for example, ask yourself what part of your life is feeling out of control for you.

If you dream about your teeth falling out, this can indicate anxiety and needing help and wisdom about someone or a situation.

Going to the bathroom – this may simply be a reality, of course, but if this is a theme ask, “What is blocked in my life? What’s the rubbish I’m not getting rid of?”

Recurring dreams

Why do we have recurring dreams? A recurring dream is like someone having to knock on your door time after time to give you a parcel. It’s a message that you do not understand, yet it is something that you need to know and understand. Recurring dreams are particularly important and you will find once you unlock the meaning of the dream and take action, this dream will stop.

Nightmares and weird dreams

On waking, such a dream may seem frightening or “too weird”, but messages in our dreams are there to help us, not worry or frighten us. It may be that the dream has come with powerful images in order to shock us or provoke us into taking note and doing something. Encouragement can come in many forms! We all have bizarre dreams at times. A lady I spoke to recently was pleased to be reassured that this is quite normal.

Creative dreams

Some of Einstein’s theories and the Beatles’ song “Yesterday“ sprang from dreams.   Some people have had novels come to them in dreams.
“Let’s sleep on it” is a common phrase for this very reason.

Spirit dreams

Someone from your past who has died may appear to give you a message.

Dreams of future events

How many times have you been thinking about someone and then the phone has rung and it’s that person? We do have the ability to tune into each other; some of us rarely use it, and some of us can do this in dreams. Dreams can foretell the future. A friend of a friend dreamed of lottery numbers but didn’t put them on – and when he checked the numbers…

I’ve had several dreams where I’ve been on holiday to a place I’ve never visited before but when I do visit the place I suddenly stop and can describe exactly what is around the corner. I’ve had dreams about people needing my help and when I’ve contacted them, something’s been wrong.

There are also more advanced techniques such as dream resolution, dream re-entry, dialoguing with different parts of the dream and drawing dreams out. These techniques will be covered on a more advanced dreams course or in a face to face session.

Telephone Consultations

I am frequently contacted by visitors to my website who feel that they need a consultation but live some distance from my office in Bolton, Greater Manchester. If you feel that you would benefit from a telephone conversation, please visit Psychotherapy Consultations – Online Payment page to see how it works.