Emotional side of a new business

By Josephine Cropper
In September 19, 2013
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Starting a new business is exciting. Friends and relations wish you well, and you’re feeling on the up.

You finally make a decision about a business name and you have cards printed. So why do people in business so often then feel they have hit a brick wall? Why do they find themselves saying, ” Yes, I’ll do that tomorrow,” while feeling somehow stuck by an invisible force?

There are two important aspects of being self employed. Firstly, there are endless decisions to make, and secondly there will often be the sensation of being on a roller coaster of emotions. Be reassured this is perfectly normal!

Suddenly we don’t have an office full of people to advise us, and there is no IT department to help when things go awry on the computer. Often we are working in isolation and all decisions have to be made by ourselves.

It can provoke many questions and doubts, and the negative chatter in our head starts to become louder and louder.When we are employed we simply expect to receive a salary, but when it is our own business the question of “ do I really deserve success?” so often creeps in.This in itself can be a major stumbling block, and I’ve seen many highly competent people become stuck at this point.

So how do we overcome these feelings and actually enjoy our business? Staying motivated and having faith in ourselves requires some practice! Keeping centred and grounded on a daily basis is a vital first step.

There are many tips and techniques that are I have used over the years that help with these issues.

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