JMC Psychotherapy, Bolton – How the
law of attraction can improve your life

The phrase “Law of Attraction”, used widely by New Thought writers, refers to the idea that thoughts influence what we bring into our lives. It is also sometimes called creative visualisation, the secret, cosmic ordering or manifestation. The Law of Attraction is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life.

The phrase “like attracts like” sums up the Law of Attraction. Our minds could be described as magnets which attract that to which we give our continued attention. Our thoughts and feelings influence our lives. It doesn’t matter whether these thoughts are positive, negative or neutral – the Law of Attraction operates blindly and will respond to them. However, the Law of Attraction can be strengthened, so understanding the basic principles and then knowing how to use them is vital.

Why is the Laws of Attraction approach different from any other?

This is a unique process because its covers three areas. It educates, empowers and then enlightens; all in a down to earth, no nonsense and easy to use way. We need all three areas to come together for the process to work. Imagine trying to use a plug without having all three pins. It simply wouldn’t work, but when you do have all three you plug in and hey presto!

Why is no one else doing this?

It is very simply because I have a unique combination of knowledge and experience. As a psychotherapist I can quickly identify any blocks you have and help you through them, I have many years’ knowledge of the “how to”, and was well aware of the power and function of this long before it became fashionable; it was simply something I grew up with.

As someone who is highly intuitive and knowledgeable about the spiritual aspect of life, I know how to help you to incorporate all this. I’ve been described as a “very unusual but down to earth therapist”.

Why do I need to know about the Laws of Attraction?

Why wouldn’t you want the best possible life? Many of us have blocks in certain areas, although we may give ourselves excuses why we don’t take action. “I want to run my own business but I don’t know where to start.” In this case fear is the problem. It is necessary to overcome the fear.

Our thoughts are energy, and when we are positive we encourage the flow of a high vibration energy; conversely, when we are negative the vibration energy is low. If we are unfocussed and our energy is not clear, then our thoughts are similarly unclear, so when all those old hurts and blocks are removed, energy flows more freely. When this happens you attract what you want and create a better life more quickly.

Think of the person who is half hearted about everything and contrast that person with someone who is dynamic and focussed.

How can the Laws of Attraction help me? What can I use it for?

All abundance and wealth begins in the mind – or does it?
All abundance and wealth does begin in the mind but the soul – the spiritual part of us – also has a vital role to play.

What do I mean by this? I’m not talking about religion here. I’m talking about the part of each one of us that yearns to be spiritual in order to have a feeling of connection with the great source (whatever or whoever that is for you).
This is what is missing from every course I’ve attended and every book I’ve ever read, and this connection needs to be made.

How can the connection be made?

There are many courses and many gurus who will teach you some of these principles, but how often do people spend a very large amount of money and go on many courses year in and year out, without ever  quite seeming to ”get there”?
I know the connection can be made through a unique combination of three simple factors, and having made the connection you will have the down to earth, practical knowledge about how to use this in everyday life, when you are back at work or enjoying your leisure time.

And what are the three factors?


Abundance and wealth can come in many forms – it isn’t just about money. We are all entitled to have an abundant life. This may mean an abundance of good relationships, good friends, good food or, enjoyable holidays. It may mean knowing what you are meant to do with your life, knowing what to do to make life better. This will lead you to feel you are getting more of what you want and what you deserve.

How to use it
You need a system in the same way as you need to have a recipe to bake a cake. You need to know the right ingredients. I know the ingredients.

Laws of Attraction – Testimonials

I was very sceptical at first, but thought I might as well give it a go. It works so well it’s almost weird /unsettling. 

Try it for yourself, it works! 

It’s amazing just how much knowledge Josephine has about all this stuff, she’s a very unusual therapist. 

I understood more of what was holding me back in one session than I had with anyone else before.



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