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By Peter Cropper
In June 30, 2014
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I was talking to a writing colleague recently “sometimes I feel inspired and write a lot, but on other occasions I find myself sitting there, pen in hand, staring into the middle distance and unable to write a word, “ he said. “It’s then that I think I’ll never finish what I’ve set out to do. It makes me feel like giving up”

Writer’s block. It’s not a myth, it does exist and it’s a nuisance

Sometimes I pick up a copy of “Bowing Out”, I look at its 275 pages and I can scarcely believe that I wrote it. How did I find the time? Perhaps a more pertinent question would be- how did I not give up? Many people start a novel: few people complete one.

The answer is straightforward, I think it’s perseverance- a commitment to finishing what has been started and to ensuring the germ of an initial idea finally bears fruit and does not wither and die.

Of course, this doesn’t only apply to writing. It applies to any aspect of life where the ability to stay focused and on task is necessary. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”( unless we’re talking about smoking)

Strength of will is required and sometimes you’ll need to receive a good talking to- from yourself, or someone else- but if you really are determined to achieve..

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