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a healthy relationship?

A  healthy relationship exists where two people love and respect each other, and each person is comfortable functioning independently as a separate individual as well as in a partnership. There is respect for each other and kindness is shown to each other. Of course, within this situation we can all have off days, but overall the respect is there and each person treats the other as an equal.

What is an unhealthy or abusive relationship?

An unhealthy relationship may take many forms, such as not allowing the other person to be and do what they want – within reason, of course. Perhaps one person does not allow the other to pursue hobbies, or have time and space for him or herself.

There are so many aspects of relationships that it would be hard to include them all here. However, one area that is important to highlight as it affects so many people is the need to take care of the other person in the relationship.

Relationship issues addressed in therapy

Below are some relationship issues which can easily be addressed in therapy:

  • Discover your real self.
  • Help the child within to heal.
  • Are you only OK when you receive approval from others?
  • Do you cling to relationships because you are afraid of being alone?
  • Is it difficult for you to relax and have fun?
  • Do you have difficulty asking for what you want from others?
  • I feel like my happiness depends on other people’s happiness.
  • I have difficulty saying “no”.

How can psychotherapy help me with my relationship?

Enjoying relationships with other people is one of the most rewarding aspects of life, and relationships with those you love and care about are the best relationships.

However, as with everything worthwhile in life, relationships need to be worked at, and a sense of proportion needs to be maintained. There are many issues which can arise in a relationship. One I see over and over again is the overwhelming need to take care of others, resulting in an unhealthy balance.

“What do you fancy doing today?” “Whatever you want (I can only be happy if you’re happy).”
Have you ever found yourself in that conversation?

If you find that you can only be happy if others are happy and you find yourself asking, “Why do I always take care of everyone else first?”, this can be exhausting. It can feel as though you are carrying a great burden.
You may be surprised to discover that this is a very common issue which can easily be addressed in therapy, and the benefits of dealing with this will leave you with clearer boundaries surrounding who you are and what your needs are in life.
Whatever the issue within the relationship, you will find that, once it has been addressed, you will have noticeably more energy.

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