By Josephine Cropper
In April 30, 2014
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What’s the secret behind forming, keeping and nurturing good relationships.

It might be hard work-but this would hardly be a secret. Hard work is the key to success in most aspects of life.

A lack of hard work can lead to complacency. You’re in a serious relationship Maybe you are married. The relationship or marriage will look after itself with minimal input from you.

This is naive nonsense which could well prove to be your undoing

Treat each other with respect. Once the respect has gone, it is difficult to retrieve it. Everyone deserves respect.

Be conscious of, and tolerant of, the idiosyncrasies of others. Others may do things differently from you but as long as this causes no offence or damage, what is the problem?

Forgive and forget. We are human. We make mistakes and therefore sometimes need forgiveness.

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