Work life balance part two

By Josephine Cropper
In May 29, 2013
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EFT is a very simple technique and works by tapping on certain meridians. I regard it as mental acupuncture. It can be used for a variety of issues and takes only a few minutes every day.

It’s great to be imaginative but sometimes we need to be focused and in the present. Do you use grounding techniques? Take your shoes off and become aware of the contact of your feet on the floor. Imagine a tree root growing from the bottom of your feet to the earth’s core, bend your knees and breathe out, draw up and breathe in. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Mindfulness techniques are also effective; they are simple and take a short time. A CD is included with this book which is an eight week programme.

Is your workspace cluttered? If so, that can stop the flow of money.”Ask and it is given” Allocate time to clear and tidy your office. Make “to do” lists the night before – not only can you go into the office knowing exactly where to start, but your subconscious has also had chance to work on this overnight. The Abraham Hicks book about the law of attraction is an excellent resource

We all have an “internal chatterbox”. What is being said? Is it helpful or unhelpful? Turn the unhelpful volume down – or off.

Self praise is more important than your bank balance. Look at What to say when you talk to yourself will build confidence and self esteem. Self criticism will harm. Do you push yourself to undertake admin tasks and make phone calls without knowing when it is fine to leave them? Prior to each task, ask, if you are in doubt, whether it is absolutely necessary to do this.

Don’t be too rigid. Be flexible. Know you’re allowed to change your mind.

Physical well being is important; “a healthy mind is a healthy body”. Drink enough water during the day and take a lunch break away from your work environment. Take a short walk or sit in your car. What’s important is that you’ve given mind and body a rest and a change of scene.

There are also some yoga positions you can practise in the work place; simple stretches are very effective. We often forget our bodies and therefore aren’t connected to them.

Have treats in place to keep yourself motivated. We all have “off days”. What are your contingency plans to deal with these times?

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